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Daylight Can Help Treat SAD

December 17th, 2008

The symptoms of SAD are similar to those of ‘winter blues’ (e.g. tiredness, lack of energy, overeating, low moods and social withdrawal) but SAD is much more severe, often seriously affecting people’s performance at work, their home life and relationships. The cause of SAD is unclear but short, dark days are the trigger. They prolong the production of melatonin, normally only released at night to help us sleep. Another factor is thought to be low serotonin levels (a feature of depression) which improve significantly in the summer and with light therapy. Indeed, many SAD sufferers have found that bright lights can make a real difference to their life.

We believe that Daylight Lamps give the most natural light avilable in your home of workplace. We are always here to help you choose the right Daylight Lamp for your needs, whether you need an artist’s lamp, reading lamp, low vision lamp, needlework lamp, nails and beauty lamp, magnifying lamps  home and office lamps and even lamps for industry and inspection – call us if you need help.

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Christmas Offers at Daylight Lamps

November 22nd, 2008

Hi everyone

It’s been very busy here at Daylight Lamps with a lot of deliveries to make and it’s getting busier. We have received great comments from a lot of people about our new website which is proving to be very popular. We have also put some of our lamps at special prices so that you can take advantage and get what you need for Christmas. Many of you have contacted us to chat about which lamps are right for you. It’s nice to chat to our customers, it makes it more personal. We can find out what you think of our site, how you found us and so on. Your feedback has meant so much.

We hope to speak to many more of you. Don’t forget if you need some help just pick up the phone. Take advantage of our offers, they are the most popular Daylight Lamps in the range.

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Daylight Bites

November 13th, 2008

DAYLIGHT LAMPS has gifts for everyone. We believe everyone deserves great light – especially this time of year. So for Christmas we’re offering presents to suit all needs and budgets. If you need individual help choosing the right product simply contact us, or we have some great suggestions below:

Give the gift of light to someone who stitches or reads. Maybe someone who needs a lamp for their office or business especially the beauty business where natural light is vital. Maybe someone who travels a lot or goes to classes, they could benefit from one of our portable lamps – now on special offer! Maybe you have an artist to buy for or someone keen on fishing even to help tie those flys. Or maybe a stylish Daylight Lamp simply for the home. And what about a present simply for YOU this Christmas – either treat yourself  – or drop HEAVY hints!

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Christmas 2008 is Coming…

October 31st, 2008

It’s that time again when we are so many weeks away from Christmas and we start thinking about what to buy for who. Also though, we are, if you’re like me, thinking about what we’d like to receive from Santa!

The run up to the launch of this website has been very busy and exciting for the website designers and ourselves, making sure the site is simple and enjoyable to use for you – and also looks goods – I’m very pleased and hope you like it too! We are just in time for Christmas as we know many people treat themselves or someone else to special gifts such as lamps at this time of year. It’s that essential something you can always get right for the serious stitcher, knitter, model maker, paper crafter etc – they always need light and the best light too! With the evenings drawing in now it’s the lack of light – natural daylight – that makes many of us stop or strain our eyes to continue – so this is where the Daylight range comes in. We will even help you choose – we are here if you need us.

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