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Daylight Bites: More Praise For the Daylight Slimline Lamp!

May 25th, 2009

Hi Everyone

We hear more and more about the merits of the Daylight Slimline Lamp all the time. It is spanning all hobbies it seems from model making, fly fishing, tattoos, stamp collecting, papercrafting, scrapbooking and now needlework.

The Lowery Workstand, which is in our opinion, THE BEST in needlework stands actually fits theDaylight Slimline Lamp in the Lowery Light Bracket which fits onto the Lowery Workstand. This bracket has three holes in it – one to fit onto the Lowery Workstand, another for a lamp and another for an extra Lowery accessory. The Daylight Slimline Lamp screws into the bracket making it firm and secure while you work. The light gives a good length of light which lights up the whole of your work rather than just the bit you are working on. It is also flexible at two points so you can adjust as you please.

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Daylight Bites: Tattoos and Daylight

May 6th, 2009

It’s amazing how we find so many uses for Daylight Lamps. In fact Daylight Lamps are useful anywhere good, clear and natural light is needed.

We recently supplied a local tattoo artist with Daylight Slimline Lamps. We usually sell these to beauty salons as they are just the best for manicures, but tattoos obviously need as much perfect light to get the job done as our nails. We went along to see how their Daylight Lamps were improving their work.

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