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Daylight Bites: Daylight Lamps FAQs

April 26th, 2009

Daylight Bites:

The Team at Daylight Lamps frequently receive questions for advice on which lamp is suitable. There is no right answer to this as the right Daylight Lamp is individual to each persons needs or budget. You may need one for personal needs such as stitching, papercrafting, jewellery making, bead work, reading, model making and so on. Or you may need Daylight Lamps in your work place – laboratory, office, beauty salon, tattoo artists, inspection work and so on.

We are here to advise you when you need us so that you make the correct choice. We are constantly helping businesses with their lighting needs. We recently supplied the team who inspect the fabrics for a top well known British designer – their choice was a huge order of Daylight Freedom lamps as they give great light and are portable so you can transport your light where you need it.

I have put together some answers to some of your frequently asked questions – but feel free to contact us for some personal advice anytime!

Should I choose halogen or daylight? And what about fluorescent daylight?
All of these types of bulb provide the correct light for stitching, but each one differs slightly from the other, and you need to decide which one you prefer. Visit a good stitching shop where they have lights on display that you can try, and ask other stitchers what they prefer to use. This way you’ll have a good idea of what will be best for you and your stitching needs before actually purchasing one yourself.

Do I need a magnifier as well as a lamp?
If you find it difficult to see the holes in your fabric then you may benefit from a magnifier. You should consider whether you want it integrated with, or separate from, your light.

What if I already have a tapestry frame?
Do you want to clip your light to it, or do you want it to be free standing? Sometimes the stand will be extra; other times it will be included in the price of the lamp. Most of the lamps can be clipped to a table top.

Does the time I spend stitching make a difference?
If you’re a keen stitcher, don’t automatically rule out the expensive end of the market. It could be worth spending the extra money to make yourself really comfortable, and, if you’re going to be using the lamp for many years, it may be cheaper in the long run.

How much do I need to spend?
Some lamps cost up to £75 whilst others are less than £50. Visit a good needlecraft store to see what you get for your money. If you’re really counting the pennies then a daylight simulation bulb costs just a few pounds and will fit into a normal anglepoise desk lamp.

We recommend Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell to view some of these Daylight lamps which they have on display.

We are happy to help you with your business needs to so that you and your staff benefit from the best Daylight lamps in your work place. Give us a call or email us and see how these lamps can make a change to your work and your wellbeing.

I hope this answers some of your many thoughts and some of you can decide which lamp is best for you. We haven’t come across a situation yet where Daylight Lamps haven’t helped in our customers work or play!

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