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Christmas 2008 is Coming…

October 31st, 2008

It’s that time again when we are so many weeks away from Christmas and we start thinking about what to buy for who. Also though, we are, if you’re like me, thinking about what we’d like to receive from Santa!

The run up to the launch of this website has been very busy and exciting for the website designers and ourselves, making sure the site is simple and enjoyable to use for you – and also looks goods – I’m very pleased and hope you like it too! We are just in time for Christmas as we know many people treat themselves or someone else to special gifts such as lamps at this time of year. It’s that essential something you can always get right for the serious stitcher, knitter, model maker, paper crafter etc – they always need light and the best light too! With the evenings drawing in now it’s the lack of light – natural daylight – that makes many of us stop or strain our eyes to continue – so this is where the Daylight range comes in. We will even help you choose – we are here if you need us.

On these cold, dark evenings I find the best way to relax is a cup of tea (even though you have to stop stitching to drink it!), my stitching and some good TV or even a film – oh, and plenty of heating. I have a floor standing Daylight lamp with the energy saving bulb (which lasts forever it seems!) and I can stitch for as long as I want. I’ve been a bit behind with my stitching at the moment while creating this website – so loads to catch up on – it’s a hard life!

I also use my lamp for reading – my other passion. I love this range so much – so I have daylight everywhere – on my desk while I am typing even. I tend to work late – definitely not a morning person – I sometimes work into the early hours so I need the best light to help me work and not strain my eyes which then causes headaches!

I discovered this range for myself when I became the owner of Wye Needlecraft with my partner Dean. We sell the Daylight range in our shop and I decided to treat myself with a lamp for my lounge to help me stitch. I now use the daylight bulbs everywhere and have a lamp in my office, home study as well as my lounge – you do notice the different from normal lamps and bulbs once you’ve tried one.

We have lots of husbands buying lamps for their wives and partners this time of year after many ‘hints’ they’ve probably been getting all year – this is usually last minute too! Also those going into business – maybe in the beauty business – they may ask for a professional lamp to start them off. They are that easy and essential present for anyone who needs natural daylight or magnification to carry on with what they are doing and not get interrupted by the time of day.

Do let us know what you think of the Daylight Lamps range and our new Website by emailing us your comments – the team and I really hope you’ll be as dazzled and delighted as we all are.

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